Monday, November 28, 2011

Lake Ray Hubbard Kayak Fishing

Lake Ray Hubbard Kayak Fishing

Ray Hubbard River

I know this is late but was swamped early last week before Thanksgiving. Gutcheck and I hit the river on Saturday November 19th with hopes of catching a few good fish. The tournament was cancelled due to high winds but we decided to see what we could catch. The river is now a creek and need rain bad. Fishing wasn't the best and didn't catch any toads but had a great time. Went up to Mariner Sails after our fishing trip and got to hang out with some old friends and met some new ones. Got to see the new Ride 135 as well as see the new Gear Track by Yak Attack. Caught all of my bass on the new Joystick by Xcite baits.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Xcite Baits - UBERSHAD

Most guys that have fished with me know that I really like versatile baits. I like having one style of bait that I can use in many different situations by simply changing colors and/or rigs.
Xcite Baits has a new bait that will be out in the next two weeks or so called the UBERSHAD. ("Uber" is super or superior in German).

Its been about a year ago when Lloyd with Xcite approached me with a base concept to build a bait that was very versatile and could be used in just about any situation. I was immediately on board along with several others around the state in helping develop this bait into what it is today. I know we wore Lloyd out with pouring all these baits to test one at a time with each prototype mold!

I have personally fished this bait on a txrig, crig, weightless, on swimbait hooks, scrounger head, and as a swimjig trailer. This bait has already put $$$ in my pocket. It is a killer grass bait.
The ubershad has a tapered design from front to back to allow maximum action with the least amount of effort. The tail is the Xcite designed tail that is already a proven winner. It has the belly hook slot along with a hook slot on top of the bait to allow texposing or skin hooking the bait and it still being weedless. The UBERSHAD also does not have salt so it is a floating bait. The first size offering of this bait is 6" from the head to the curve in the tail.

On top of all that this bait is injected/built/packaged right here in TEXAS. Check out the new UBERSHAD along with the complete line of Xcite Baits.