Sunday, April 22, 2012

1st Place - NTKT - Lake Fork Tournament

Well I woke up at 2:30 am to a whopping 46 degrees after the cold front blew through Friday here in North Texas. Took off to Lake Fork at 4am to make the check in at 6:30 with a good group of area kayak fishermen. 
I didn't make up my mind until I was in the parking lot to where I wanted to fish.  I felt like I over thought what I was going to do all of last week and put too much stress on myself to have a good finish.  I decided to go to the same area that I have had success last summer and knew that the fish in that area should be in all phases of the spawn.  With post frontal conditions and blue bird skies the fishing was pretty tough to say the least.

I made it out to the fist secondary point and caught three right off the bat and by the time I worked my way around it and looked back there were two boats in that spot.  There were three different power boat tournaments on the lake the same time so it did get crowed for a while in that area.

I decided to go to some deeper water that I had some success with last summer to try to get some post spawn fish and caught my limit as well as culled a small fish I caught off the point.

By the time it started to warm up I went shallow again with a buddy fishing the same area to try to get him on some fish and noticed fry in the shallows.  I missed one and he picked up two fish along the way that were guarding them.  As we started running out of time and making our way back to the boat ramp to load up I started noticing bass on the beds in the back of the cove that had moved back up that were deserted only a few hours before.   

I didn’t think I had enough to win and wasn’t sure if I would even place in the money but my 84.5 inches won it. My largest fish was 20 inches and missed big bass by ¾ of an inch. Had a great time and looking forward to the last tournament June 2nd. I’m tied for first in point for AOY with one tournament to go.

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